Kabu Collaborates With Findora To Enhance Customer Data Privacy

KABU Collaborates with Findora

We are pleased to announce that today, leading software development firm Kabu collaborates with Findora in a new partnership. Kabu will be employing Findora’s state-of-the-art blockchain technology to protect the private information of its clients and customer across its products and services which include Superpass Payment (mobile payments), Kabu Delivers (food delivery), and Kabu Ride (ride sharing). Our world-leading confidential ledger product enhances the efficiencies and achieves privacy in transaction and customer profile datasets. 

“This is another important step for Kabu to ensure the privacy of its customers and drivers using leading-edge technology,” said Kabu-Ride Inc. president Billy Xiong. “Our loyal customers and professional drivers can now rest assured that our databases will be protected using Findora’s breakthrough technology.”

Kabu will be integrating Findora’s privacy-preserving and auditable blockchain to bring cryptographic security for customers personal and transactional data. It will also use Findora’s revolutionary technology which includes verifiable delay functions and zero-knowledge proofs such as supersonics, PLONKS and bulletproofs. These enable Findora and its partners to perform complex operations on fully-encrypted data, and addresses customer’s demand for privacy whilst also meeting audibility and regulatory requirements.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Kabu, a leading share ride service provider and mobile payments processor in Canada that will now facilitate transactions through Findora’s blockchain technology in Canada,” said Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora. “Findora was designed to secure data and enable financial services that are transparently operated while preserving user and institutional privacy, and we’re excited Kabu is adopting the platform.

One of the flagship products from Kabu is Kabu Ride, an easy-to-use app which combines ride-hailing services, public transit buses, Canada Line/SkyTrain, vehicle rentals, taxis, ferries, and other transportation options. Kabu features integrated and secure support for payments via credit card and mobile payments, and it is currently available to customers in Canada who can download the app for Apple and Google devices. To date, the service has provided millions of rides since launching in 2016.

About Kabu

Kabu is a Canadian ride-hailing software development firm that has been in operation in the Greater Vancouver area since 2016. Kabu has helped to provide more than one million rides to tens of thousands of customers across Canada. What sets Kabu apart from competitors is our focus on recognizing the time, effort, and resources that drivers are bringing to the table. Kabu’s aims to provide services in other markets across Canada, the United States, and overseas.