Findora Announces Partnership With MoneyMoov

Findora Announces Partnership With MoneyMoov

We are excited to announce a partnership agreement with MoneyMoov, a Fintech company that develops and provides innovative frictionless electronic payment services for peer-to-peer domestic and international movement of money, mobile commerce and other mobile based payment services for consumers, businesses and governments. 

“I believe that Findora is perfectly positioned to address some of the industry’s most significant challenges,” said Chairman and CEO of MooneyMoov, Andre Itwaru “Findora has the secret sauce with its focus on supporting the creation and distribution of digital asset tokens and utility tokens, along with its abilities to facilitate confidential, compliant financial transactions.”

Findora provides confidential yet auditable financial transactions and intersects with MoneyMoov’s interest and experience in creating efficient mobile payment services that are in full compliance with regulatory guidelines. In addition, Findora’s financial passports pull together user information including financial identity, credit ratings, scores and anti-money laundering checks that are foundational requirements for the financial services sector.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MoneyMoov and innovate together on the future of the payments industry,” said Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora. “Uniting MoneyMoov’s impressive volume and track-record with Findora’s global decentralized finance infrastructure will benefit users and enterprises in all corners of the world.” 

Together, Findora and MoneyMoov will collaborate on creating secure financial transactions and enhancing data security. Protecting the identity of consumers will help position MoneyMoov as the ideal platform for global financial transaction and payment services.

About MoneyMoov Payments Inc.

MoneyMoov is a financial services technology (‘FINTECH’) company that focuses on providing frictionless innovative, user friendly, and compliant electronic payment services for both domestic and international transactions.