Findora Announces Agreement with IOT Pay – Expands Ecosystem into Global Payments

February 17, 2021 inPartnershipsby Findora

IOT Pay has become the latest fintech leader with plans to leverage Findora’s platform, as today we are excited to announce a partnership with one of the largest payments businesses in Canada, trusted by thousands of brands and merchants in North America. Findora’s Zero-Knowledge Proof technology is at the center of the partnership, providing confidential yet auditable financial transactions that intersect with efforts in the fintech space to create efficient mobile payment services that are in full compliance with regulatory guidelines.

“As a cross border mobile payments and e-commerce solution leader, enabling merchants to accept Omnichannel payments in-store and online on a global scale, we’ve long been searching for the right cutting edge solutions to integrate into our product,” said Leo Chen, CEO and founder at IOT Pay. “We’re excited to utilize the Findora platform to serve our customers in new ways to improve data privacy, transaction efficiency, while also allowing for auditability.”

Together, Findora and IOT Pay will collaborate on creating secure financial transactions and enhancing data security. Protecting the identities of merchants and consumers will help position IOT Pay as the ideal platform for global financial transactions and payment services.

“Findora is both a scalable transaction platform with auditable privacy features and a financial public chain, which is why compliance and auditability have always been regarded as two of our core functions,” said Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora. “We’re thrilled to join forces with IOT Pay and bring our core platform into its growing ecosystem.”

Findora’s optimized zero-knowledge techniques enable a powerful fintech toolkit efficient for practical use, and we’re thrilled to see fintech partners such as IOT Pay become a part of our ever-expanding network.

About IOT Pay

IOT Pay is a Canadian payment solution leader, enabling merchants to accept Omnichannel payment in-store and online on a global scale. Trusted by thousands of brands and merchants in North America, IOT Pay offers solutions for businesses to drive omnichannel commerce growth in a variety of industries. Visit the IOT Pay website at

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