Findora Code Audit Report

Findora Code Audit Report

Findora has collaborated with a publicly listed, industry-leading software security audit firm to perform an analysis on our Open Source code base. The initial audits targeting data security and susceptibility to external attacks have demonstrated a robust, structurally sound, and secure platform that meets or exceeds industry standards in all categories examined.

More than 9,800 files were analyzed and the results reaffirm our confidence in the platform and validate the confidence of Findora’s supporters and investors. The final audit report found that the Findora code base falls into the “very low” category for security vulnerabilities.

Following completion of the comprehensive security audit, Findora will release its open source code on a rolling basis beginning in Q1 2021 in accordance with a schedule to be shared in the coming weeks. The findings represent a significant milestone in Findora’s preparations for releasing Mainnet, which remains on track for early 2021.

As Findora aims to become the cohesive glue of the financial services industry — enabling assets of any nature and addressing the challenges necessary to support and unify a diverse collection of cryptocurrencies and traditional assets — security remains our top priority, and is foundational to achieving widespread adoption and building global trust. Conducting an end-to-end, third-party security audit and emerging with exceptional results are two important steps in that direction.

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