Get to Know Our New Advisors: Update

Get to Know Our New Advisors: Update

Recently, Findora experienced some personnel changes. A few members of our original team have decided to depart the organization, and we are grateful to those individuals for their contributions to Findora. Change is inevitable in any ambitious startup and we recognize that the community might have some questions about these departures. 

First and foremost, Findora is committed to delivering breakthroughs in cryptography, decentralized networks, and authenticated data structures in order to achieve both confidentiality and auditability of blockchain networks. We use the most advanced zero-knowledge proof technology to ensure privacy in financial transactions. Findora supports confidential transaction processing, verification and asset issuance for any cryptocurrency or financial asset, such as equities, derivatives, debt and cash. Our solution can be used in any financial services use case that demands privacy and scalability. 

In order to bring our solution to the world, we need to continue charging towards critical milestones. In August 2020, the Findora testnet went live, marking the successful completion of Phase I. As we enter the next phase of Findora’s development, we are focused on the FRA public sale and subsequent network launch, which will go live in early 2021. We invite anyone interested in learning more about our technology to review our updated whitepaper

We are an open source organization that is employee, investor and community-owned. We want to make Findora available to even more people, which is why we are dedicated to hosting our public sale December 28- January 11. All information about the Findora public sale can be found at

We have a stellar team of advisors who are spearheading the next phase of Findora’s technical roadmap and who are dedicated to executing on Findora’s long-term vision. Dr. Whitfield Diffie, winner of the Turing Award and founder of asymmetric encryption, recently joined the Findora Advanced Research Institute and has become a senior consultant of the Findora Foundation, assisting in the development and implementation of the Findora ecological project. 

“A look at Findora’s Litepaper shows the reader that Findora is thinking about the right problems. Blockchains have many of the same problems that cryptographic systems had in the past: they have to mesh with existing commercial and government processes. Cryptocurrencies, in particular, have the paradoxical quality of needing both to support confidential transactions and to be openly auditable by the entire community. Findora has set itself a difficult set of problems but appears to be well on its way.” — Dr. Whitfield Diffie 

Meanwhile, cryptography experts such as Professor Vipul Goyal from Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Dominique Schroeder from the University of Nuremberg in Germany and Professor David Galindo from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom have also joined the Findora Advanced Research Institute as advisors. 

Findora has attracted support from world-renowned cryptographers, leading VCs and Web3 entrepreneurs from across the world. We are looking forward to growing the Findora ecosystem with the FRA public sale in five days. We want to assure our community that we have the talent, resources, and technology to deliver on the promise of Findora. We hope you will join us. 

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The Findora Team