Lucca Spaapen joins the Findora team

June 15, 2020 inNewsby Findora

Findora is actively hiring passionate and driven team members to build an accessible and privacy-empowering global finance network. 

As our most recent addition to the Findora team, we’re thrilled to introduce Lucca Spaapen. Lucca will be taking on the role of community & content manager. Lucca is a veteran of the open source cryptocurrency space, having been involved in multiple projects since 2014.

Most notably, Lucca worked at two privacy-centric cryptocurrency projects as a community manager and ambassador, PIVX, and Veil, where he experienced first hand the power of zero-knowledge proofs and introduced many interested parties to their magic. Lucca also interned at the web3 foundation, where he learned a lot about interoperability between blockchains.

Lucca will be working closely with the Findora community to keep everyone up to date with our latest advancements, answer any questions from community members, maintain our English language communication channels, and help interested developers get set up on Findora. In his role as content director, Lucca will also be contributing to a wide variety of technical explainers, educational materials, spotlights on Findora team members, use case analyses, and more. Lucca said:

“I’m really passionate about privacy and financial inclusion. I believe these are important human rights necessary for people from across the world to have a more level playing field of opportunities. This is why I’m very excited to be a part of Findora.

With data collection at an all-time high and data breaches happening at a record pace we need secure, open, and privacy-preserving network. Findora will become this network.”