Supersonic and SNARKs at Tel Aviv Blockchain Week

September 14, 2019 inEventsby Findora

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 12, 2019

Findora is in Tel Aviv for Blockchain Week! And it’s been a busy couple of days. Our co-founder, CTO, and resident cryptography expert Ben Fisch made appearances at the Defi and Dapps Summit (D&DD) as well as Scaling Bitcoin.

Scaling Bitcoin is a fundamental event of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, focusing on safely improving the scalability and decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network, while fully considering the complex tradeoffs between decentralization, utility, security, and operational realities. Ben gave the conference’s invited talk: “A Survey of Progress in Succinct Zero Knowledge Proofs: Towards Trustless SNARKs,” where he debuted a crucial new breakthrough: Supersonic.

Supersonic is finally a trustless SNARK with log(n) size proofs and log(n) time verification for arbitrary statements! Compare that with Bulletproofs (also invented by a member of the Findora team—Benedikt Bünz), which are log(n) size, but with less efficient linear verification. Supersonic is enabled with a new polynomial commitment scheme with 5 key features: transparent setup, constant size commitment, O(log d) communication in Eval, O(log d) verification of Eval, and the ability to be made non-interactive via Fiat-Shamir. Look out for exciting details and news in the upcoming month!

Our team also made an appearance at D&DD, the Defi and Dapps Summit. The summit gathered the key players in the blockchain space to discuss adoption, decentralized applications, and financial systems on blockchain protocols. Along with Alexander Zaidelson from Beam and Guy Zyskind of Enigma, Ben sat on the “Privacy as the Web 3 Kingmaker” panel to explain Findora’s unique approach to privacy. Our CTO also led a workshop to give the first public walkthrough of Findora’s traceable confidential assets in secondary markets.

Watch Ben’s full talk at Scaling Bitcoin here. 

Find us next at Shanghai International Blockchain Week!