John Powers Speaks on BlockTV

John Powers Speaks on BlockTV
11/5/2009John Powers, president and CEO of Stanford Management Company, making a presentation at the Faculty Senate meeting.Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Our Chief Strategy Officer John Powers hops on an interview with BlockTV. He reflects on his career in traditional finance and how that’s prepared him for co-founding a next-generation financial ledger. John left his post as the head of the $25 billion Stanford Endowment to pursue new opportunities, including Findora.

“Entering the blockchain sphere really represents the marriage of my interests in financial services stemming from my time at Stanford and prior to that, my work as a security analyst in the investment banking world. Cryptocurrencies, cryptography, and blockchain in particular represent the merging of two long time interests.”

John also delves into his vision of how Findora can fundamentally transform the global landscape. As an open, publicly available platform, Findora will facilitate the development of end applications, ultimately placing financial control and power in the hands of the end user. Unlike other blockchain projects, Findora has created a feasible solution to managing privacy.

Regulation is a significant issue; people will only put their financial services information on the blockchain if it’s secure. But along with it being secure and confidential comes the requirement that it be auditable by the regulator. What’s really unique about Findora is the way we’ve managed to combine transparency and openness with confidentiality appropriate to the individual application, while still making the appropriate level of information available to regulators.”


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