Leading Academics Design Findora Platform to Decentralize the Financial System

Leading Academics Design Findora Platform to Decentralize the Financial System


Findora ensures data privacy, regulatory compliance, and full scalability


Menlo Park, California — July 10, 2019 — A team of entrepreneurs and academics has unveiled the development of  Findora, a cryptographically transparent public blockchain for building financial applications created by the Findora Foundation. The Findora Foundation’s leadership team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and academics, including the late John Powers, who formerly served as CEO of Stanford’s USD $25 billion fund. 

Findora boasts the highest standards of confidentiality, auditability, and interoperability, will have a multitude of applications including open banking, asset securitization, trading systems, and peer to peer (P2P) lending solutions. Among the first applications to be built on Findora’s platform are: a smart asset ecosystem, an open banking platform, and a P2P lending platform. 

The highly secure nature of Findora is achieved through the use of breakthrough zero-knowledge proof technology, a cryptographic technique that has matured over the last 30 years. The tools of Findora utilize the latest techniques in the field, including Bulletproofs. Data encryption will be utilized for digital identities, transactions amounts, and transaction metadata. Findora facilitates compliance requirements while still protecting confidential data.

The Findora network offers interoperability between public, private and consortia ledgers, and allows for seamless transactions of data across applications and between parties, making Findora a viable shared financial ledger for any application. Findora can also connect to private ledgers, comparable to an Internet of independent, interoperable financial ledgers. In addition, Findora has designed a Smart Asset Framework (SAF), a compliant and programmable interface which facilitates the transformation of any financial assets into software. The SAF allows for the smooth movement and transfer of data across applications and parties. 

About Findora

Findora builds cryptographically transparent financial network. The core solution is a fully confidential yet auditable, high-throughput, and scalable platform for asset issuance/transfer, identity attestation, proofs of compliance, and public/regulatory audits, enabling efficient, accessible, and transparent financial services.